Applewood Smoked Bacon

$1.35 per piece

Minimum 24 Pieces

Goshall's Uncured Turkey Bacon

$1.25 per piece

Minimum 24 Pieces

Turkey Sausage Breakfast Patties

$1.35 per piece

Minimum 24 Pieces

Amy's Chicken Maple Sausage

$1.35 per piece

Minimum 24 Pieces

House Made Pork Sausages Patties

$1.25 per piece

Minimum 24 Pieces

Mini Salmon Croquettes

$2.00 per piece

Minimum 24 Pieces

Chicken and Waffle Bites

$3.50 per Serving

Scrambled Eggs


Serves 10-12

Smothered Potatoes w/Caramelized Onion


Serves 10-12

Creamy Garlic Grits


Serves 10-12

Mini Pancakes

$1.65 per piece

Minimum 36 Pieces

Mini Croissants

Preserves and Butter

$30 per dozen


Mini Biscuit Sandwiches


(Turkey, egg and cheese)


(Egg and cheese)

Breakfast Burritos

$6.95 each (Whole)

$3.50 each (Half)

(Bacon, Vegetarian,

Chicken Sausage)


Assorted Bagels, Spreads, Cream Cheese and Butter

Assorted Breakfast Pastries

Medium tray: $60/Large Tray: $115

Seasonal Fruit tray

$40, Serves 15

$75, Serves 25-30


Mini Greek Yogurt Parfait 

Sweetened with Honey, Gluten Free Granola and Seasonal Fruit

$2.85  per Item

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