Welcome! In my blog, I plan to explore the passion and care that has inspired me to embark on my journey with Nicole Jordan Catering, LLC. Join me and share in the tips and nuances that make us at NJC a unique resource for many of your food needs. We will enjoy the spices of life, the joys of togetherness and meet the challenge of “Changing the Way you eat”.

My company is a catering service that focuses on catering for events up to 200 guests. This includes full service to meal only preparation and delivery. We also provide services in-home for small to medium sized dinner parties and gatherings as well as intimate dinners for two. In addition, NJC provides prepared meals for busy individuals and families who are looking for fresh, homemade meal options without breaking the bank and with a level of convenience to complement busy schedules.

Today I welcome you to my world and all the benefits it has to offer with a brief introduction to me, my motivations and some of the goals that I have set forth for NJC. The food we prepare can be described as conscious comfort food; steeped in traditions and familiarity that resonate with our customers but with a contemporary spin.

The intention of my cooking is to bring people together. Food has been, across many cultures, the way for people to bond, commiserate, and to celebrate. It is our common ground.

Growing up for me, with a large extended family, food was a focal point of celebrations. It was a time of re-connection. And coming from a family that also had amazing cooks, events often took on a life of their own, involving not just family but neighbors and friends; it was community. These are the things that inspire me and the drive behind NJC. In our fast pace of today, when we have an opportunity to slow down, catch up and reconnect be it with family or friends, I want our food to be a part of creating that memory of celebration and community. This is what is behind our mission of ‘Changing the way you eat!’

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