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Our professional resources in culinary and service skills afford you complete assurance that all commitments will be carried out to your satisfaction. To ensure you and your guest of a well-organized and success function, we must ask that we both adhere to the following catering policies:

Payments & Deposits

Billing arrangements for all events must be made in accordance with catering Policies. There is a 50% NON-REFUNDABLE deposit fee based on the total charge(s) on all events unless prior arrangements have been made with the owner or catering manager. No event is considered confirmed until this retainer has been met. All deposits or retainers must be paid in full within 5 business days of receipt of client invoicing for any event. If an emergency or last-minute event is booked on a short-term notice within 15 business days of the event ALL payments are due immediately.


In accordance with all contract and catering policies, final payment for all events must be paid in full three (3) business days prior to your event date. If any additional charges apply (i.e. Overtime, gratuities, or non-contracted guest) at the time of your event final payment must be made immediately following your event. We accept cash, money orders, and credit/debit cards.

Price Guarantees & Guest Count

Your final guaranteed guest count will be due by 12 PM, one (1) week prior to your event date. If no confirmation is set up with our catering manager at that time, your final guest count will be based on the number of guests shown on your most recent consultation agreement or proposal in our records. If any last-minute changes are made prior to your event, you have two (2) working business days allotted to make those changes with our catering manager. No changes will be accepted within five (5) business days of the event.

We are able to accommodate a higher number of guests or vendors (i.e. musicians, wedding planners, and clergy) than contracted if additional non-contracted guests should arrive. Any additional non-contracted guests or vendors will be charged your contracted menu price and services. Additional guest will be invoiced at the conclusion of your event and payment must be made by 

debit/credit card immediately following no exceptions.


Our menu selection tastings are $100 and perfect for clients who are undecided on which menu options they would like to select and include a selection of 3 entrees with sides that pair well with those options. If you choose to book with us within 2 weeks of your tasting date, we will apply the $100 fee to your invoice. ​


Service Charge

Effective 2/1/17 a standard18 % charge for assessed all events catered and serviced on-site by Nicole Jordan Catering, LLC. The charge will be assessed to cover all administrative fees, overhead, liability insurance and sanitation standards.


Service charge is not considered gratuity for servers please see service gratuity charge note.  If the client chooses to leave Gratuities for chefs or service staff, it can be accessed and added to your final total or at the end of the event by check or cash paid directly to Nicole Jordan Catering and given to your on-site catering manager. Please contact your catering manager for advice on reasonable gratuity practices. We highly recommend our clients to tip our servers and staff when an event has exceeded their expectations. 


Taxes, Gratuities & Tips

All applicable taxes will be accessed and paid by the client. If the client’s Organization is tax-exempt an NJC catering manager must receive a certificate reflecting the client’s exemption status no later than fifteen (15) business days prior to the event date. If we do not receive this certificate the client must agree to pay all taxes associated with the event.


Tax-Exempt Status

Groups requesting state tax exemptions must submit a copy of their tax exemption certificate prior to a scheduled event. If tax exempt documentation is not produced prior to the final event, appropriate local and state tax will be assessed and added to the client's final billing.

Time Schedule

The client agrees to begin the event promptly at the scheduled guest arrival time on the invoice and to vacate the facility at the indicated guest departure time. The client further agrees to pay overtime charges or other expenses incurred if the event continues past the indicated guest departure time.


If the client cancels a contracted event, NICOLE JORDAN CATERING will retain all or a portion of the deposit fee and already accessed charges as appropriate cancellation fees and detailed in your catering contract agreement.

NON-WEDDING EVENTS:  Cancellations made within fifteen (15) days of the Event Date, for whatever reason or cause (including without limitation Acts of God, weather, cancellation by location, etc.), you will remain obligated to pay the entire contract price, as liquidated damages to Nicole Jordan Catering.

Leftover Policy - NO EXCEPTIONS

When we are on location to serve food, NICOLE JORDAN CATERING usually carries more than we expect to serve to accommodate fluctuation in guest count. In this case, food can have extended temperatures and holding conditions to a point that we cannot and will not release leftovers to clients or your guest due to health department regulations. If you still choose to receive leftovers without liability to NICOLE JORDAN CATERING, a signed agreement will be required prior to your event. NO EXCEPTIONS.

For all drop off catered events, acceptance of the order by the customer releases Nicole Jordan Catering from all claims and liability of foodborne illness at any time following the point and time of delivery.  Nicole Jordan Catering recommends that you never reserve any food item that has not been completely used during the time it was intended.  Nicole Jordan Catering prepares an abundant amount of food to ensure that your last guest receives the same quantity and quality as your first guest.


Gratuities for the staff are not included but are graciously accepted for a job well done.

We suggest an optional 10-20% gratuity for the servers, based on the size and type of event. Gratuity is always appreciated but never expected

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